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May 7, 2021
Two new ELECYLINDER® Catalogs, General and High Rigidity Radial Cylinders, are available to download.

AHTD celebrates IAI America with the AHTD Foundation Award.

New PDF Catalog Downloads for ELECYLINDER® Series

EC General CE9101-1A cover

ELECYLINDER® General Catalog 2020

Catalog #: CE9101-1A (2021APR)
Pages: 421 | File Size: 84 MB
Last Updated: 2021-APR

The ELECYLINDER® has earned high praise.

  • Includes a built-in ball screw with a built-in linear guide, motor, and controller at one low price!
  • A built-in digital speed controller lets you enter numbers precisely, so you can pre-determine how long the positioning will take during the design stage.
High Rigidity Radial Cylinders CE0282-1A

ELECYLINDER® High Rigidity Radial Cylinders

Catalog #: CE0282-1A (2021APR)
Pages: 36 | File Size: 5 MB
Last Updated: 2021-APR

An electric cylinder with 4-row linear guide built-in - no external guide required.

  • A ball screw support mechanism allows 1,000mm max stroke and 860mm/s max speed!
  • A built-in digital speed controller lets you simply select and enter numbers. No complicated programming required.
AHTD celebrates IAI America with the AHTD Foundation Award
AHTD Foundation Award Video IAI America
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