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Test Tube Dispensing Application Example
Actuators: RCP2-SA7C
Controller: PCON
  • ROBO Cylinders have been adopted to dispense reagents in chemical inspection equipment.
  • To prevent dripping the liquid, the plunger is retracted slightly via a pitch feed operation after issuing the liquid by pressing the piston.
  • Also, returning to the home position due to an emergency stop of the controller is avoided by using the simple absolute type.
  • Previously, an in-house design was used which took time to create the mechanical design and to program. This effort was reduced and is now possible by using the ROBO Cylinder.
  • RCP2-SA7C – lateral movement
  • RCP3-SA5C – vertical movement of the syringe
  • RCP3-SA3C – vertical movement of the plunger inside the syringe


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