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SuperSEL (legacy): includes SEL A/B, E/G, IH and DS Controllers.

A1External Interrupt Error1. Motor Over Current. 2. Over regenerative current (Over negative load). 3. Driver Overheat.
A2Motor Overload ErrorMechanical Overload of Motor.
A3Deviation ErrorMotor is unable to perform properly due to mechanical overload.
A4Software Limit ErrorExceeded software limit.
A5Pole Sense ErrorUnable to sense pole. Encoder signal error. Check encoder cable but more likely is damage on the encoder board requiring repair or replacement.
A6Encoder Status Error
A7Preload Error
A8Motor Excess Voltage Error
A9Excess Voltage Error
AAElectric Angle Error
ABExcess Heat Error
ADMotor Current Error
AEClock Break Error
AFEncoder Burnout Error
B0No Program ErrorProgram does not exist.
Error code may also appear to display as "60" or "b0".
A program is being called that doesn't exist. This may have resulted after the battery has died and hence the programs and positions may have been lost from memory.
B1Program Execution ErrorExecution of a currently executing program.
B2Program Over ErrorNumber of tasks exceeds those set as parameters.
B3Double Subroutine Number ErrorTwo or more of the same subroutine number are used.
B4Double Tag Number ErrorTwo or more of the same tag number are used.
B5Undefined Subroutine NumberSubroutine number is not defined.
B6Undefined Tag NumberTag Number is not defined.
B7Subroutine Pair ErrorBGSR and EDSR are not the same quantity.
B8Step 1 BGSR ErrorStep 1 is a BGSR Error.
B9DO, EDDO Pair ErrorDO and EDDO are not the same Quantity.
BADO Nest Over ErrorDO was used more than 15 times.
BBIF Pair ErrorIF and ELSE are not the same Quantity.
BCELSE ErrorELSE was used in a place which was not between IF and EDIF.
BESELECT Nest Over Error
C0No Homing ErrorHoming was not performed before running actuators.
C1Point Data ErrorAttempt has been made to execute unregistered point data.
C2Axis Double Execution ErrorMove command given to axis currently moving.
C3Software Limit ErrorSoftware Limit exceeded in program.
C4SCARA Postion Error
C9Open Error
CAColumn ErrorColumn number was set outside the range of 1~999.
CBChannel No. ErrorDevice was set outside the range of 1 ~ 2.
CCTerminator ErrorEnding letter was not set.
CDSource No. ErrorSource number was set outside the range of 1 ~ 9.
CES Motion Percent ErrorS motion percent was set outside the range of 0 ~ 50%.
CFArch Trigger ErrorTrigger was set outside the range of 50 ~ 100%.
D0Acceleration ErrorAcceleration exceeds limits.
D1No Velocity ErrorVelocity has not been set.
D2Override ErrorOverride was set outside the range of 1 ~ 100%.
D3Angle ErrorAngle was set outside the range of 0.1 ~ 120 degrees.
D4Axis Pattern ErrorAxis pattern was not set correctly. Displays D4 also for C1 (Point Data Error).
D5Axis Number ErrorAxis number was set outside the range of 1 ~ 8.
D6Axis ErrorMore than 3 axes are designated in circular/arc motion.
D7Program Number ErrorProgram Number exceeds the limit.
D8Position Number ErrorPosition number exceeds the limit.
D9Point Number ErrorNegative number was input in the point number.
DAFlag Number ErrorFlag is not assigned correctly.
DBVariable ErrorVariable is not assigned correctly.
DCDigits Over ErrorAssigned number exceeds 8 digits (binary 32 bits).
DDDivision (0) ErrorResult of the division is "0".
DECircular Motion Computation ErrorPosition data that cannot perform circular motion was input.
DFTask Level ErrorTask level was set outside of the range of 1 ~ 5.
E0Undefined Command ErrorAttempted to execute undefined command.
E1Subroutine Over Nesting ErrorNesting of more than 15 subroutines.
E2Subroutine Under Nesting ErrorEXSR and EDSR are not making a pair.
E3Controlling Column ErrorUse of condition is not correct.
EFIH SCARA Parameter ErrorThe wrong set of parameters were reset or cleared. DO NOT CLOSE THE SOFTWARE WINDOW! reload the original parameters and reset controller. This error usually occurs as a result of the homing procedure.
EGEMG ErrorEmergency (Emergency Stop) was asserted.
Primary causes with IH SCARA: 1) Port switch on but no comm cable attached.
2) No e-stop circuit or jumper connected on back of controller.
3) E-stop pushed on front of controller.
4) Bad e-stop board internally.
F0Interrupt ErrorMotor CPU and Interrupt management do not match.
E4Low Battery in an IH SCARAPlease replace the battery while keeping the controller powered up.
F3Main CPUMight have main CPU fault due to age of controller. Contact IAI Tech Support.
rE5please see rESplease see rES
rESCPU resetThe CPU needs to have the reset signal input via the I/O

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