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Automotive / Machine Tools
Semi-automatic Machine for Inspection and Testing of Connector Application Example
  • A semi-automatic machine that performed inspection and continuity testing for a press fit connector used for an automotive sensor, which used conventional air cylinders, now uses ROBO Cylinders
  • The system process includes:
    1. Conveyance unit
    2. Press fitting the connector
    3. Continuity test & inspection
    4. Marking process for parts that pass
  • By changing to electric actuators, the cycle time has improved by 36% and reduced the running costs by approximately $262,700 over 3 years.

We reduced the costs by approximately $262,700: $44,600 equipment + $216,600 personnel expenses + $1,500 cost of equipment: a total of 3 years.

Notes: Exchange rate: 100 yen = 1 USD, Dollar amounts rounded to the nearest $100

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