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Q: Currently we're running a 4-axis system (X, Y, Z, and Rotary) and would like to add a 60W fifth axis for part indexing. We've got a SuperSEL A controller. Is this field-upgradeable to five axes?

A: No. The SuperSEL A only handles up to 4 axes of control. The next controller up is a SuperSEL B and can handle up to 8 axes of control. The frame of the controller is larger and would require 75% replacement.

Q: We were running production and the controller's display blanked out, the servos turned off and the outputs to our solenoids shut down. What happened?

A: If all these symptoms showed up at the same time, the incoming line voltage fuse has probably failed. The fuse is accessible from the back of the controller (SEL B) or in-line with the power connection (SEL A). Before powering the controller back up, be sure to check the incoming line voltage level for abnormalities.

Q: We replaced a down controller with a backup controller. The backup had all the same programs, points and parameters as the first. We put the backup in and it acted like the memory was empty.

A: There is a Ni-Cd battery that backs up all the information inside the controller while it is powered down. If the backup controller has been powered down for over 3 months, chances are the data is lost. Since the battery is rechargeable, simply leave the controller powered up and the battery will recharge itself in 2-3 days.

Q: In addition to the SuperSEL A running the AS series, we've got newer SuperSEL G controllers running IS actuators. One of our brake boxes for the "A" has failed. Can I take a spare SuperSEL G brake box and use it for the SuperSEL A?

A: No. The brake box for your SuperSEL A is a DC Brake Box, the brake box for the SuperSEL G is an AC Brake Box. The two are not interchangeable.

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