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August 24, 2023
The new SCON2 Controllers can reduce installation area over 50%.
Because sometimes, less is more.
Genaral Catalog 2021 Controller CE9001 8 1A H1 799x1034 1

SCON2 Controller General Catalog 2023 (pages 253-276)

Catalog #: General-Catalog-2023_SCON2-Vol.8-Controllers_CE9003-8-SCON2-1A(2023AUG)
Pages: 24 | File Size: 4.3 MB
Last Updated: 2023-08

Position controllers for Single-Axis / Cartesian Robots / Linear Servo / Robo Cylinder RCS2 / RCS3 / RCS4

Sometimes, less is more.
The built-in fan allows SCON2 controllers to be installed 1mm apart from each other reducing installation area over 50% compared to the previous SCON.

The force is strong with this one.
It's now possible to input push force in N increments at the force-controlled push motions in the positioner mode instead of as % only.

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