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ROBO Cylinder by IAI

ROBO Cylinder Sample Applications

Pneumatic cylinders can, with some difficulty and constant maintenance, achieve accurate positioning and precise control. The ROBO Cylinder, however, is specifically designed to meet these goals with economy, efficiency, and ease of use. The examples below illustrate the flexibility of the ROBO Cylinder and its adaptability to a wide variety of application requirements.

 PCB sample application
A ROBO Cylinder moves a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) through the path of a cutting blade.
Spot Welding sample application
This spot-welding application makes use of the positioning and "push force" features of the ROBO Cylinder to adjust the placement of a griddle.
 AGV sample application
A Rod type actuator used to control the positioning of a cassette case of TFT liquid crystal boards as they are loaded onto an AGV.
Inspection sample application
Two Slider type actuators mounted onto an Integrated Combination System (ICS-XYB) use chucks to move ignition coils to an inspection station.
PLC sample application
Adjustable acceleration and deceleration eliminates work jump. The controllers are linked serially for control from a single PLC.
Inspection sample application
This Slider type actuator positions apparatus used to examine the insulation on electric wire.
Packaging sample application
In this electronic product packaging application, the first unit picks & places package caps, while the second unit then seals the caps.
Dusting sample application
A ROBO Cylinder positions a vacuum that clears dust from plates as they pass on a conveyor.
Packing sample application
Three ROBO Cylinders aligning tiles for packing. Two position the workload as the third moves the stocker into position.
Assembly sample application
The ROBO Cylinder PUSH function is used to snap assemble rollers.
Inspection sample application
A Rod type actuator used for resiliency inspection through repeated high-speed impact.
Code Reader sample application
The incremental motion function of a Slider type actuator positions a bar code reader.
Loading sample application
A ROBO Cylinder lifts a storage carton in increments, positioning it to be loaded by another actuator with discs as they pass on a conveyor.
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