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NOTE: This is an obsolete model.

RCS Slider Type - Model SS

Speed (ballscrew lead) Medium High
Maximum Horizontal Payload: 30 kg
66.1 lbs
15 kg
33.1 lbs
Maximum Vertical Payload: 8 kg
17.6 lbs
4 kg
8.8 lbs
Maximum Speed: 600 mm/sec
23.6 in/sec
300 mm/sec
11.8 in/sec
Maximum Thrust: 17.3 kgf
170 N
8.7 kgf
85 N
Stroke Lengths: Stroke Lengths: 100 mm (3.9") to 600 mm (23.6")
(100mm stroke increments)
Motor: 60W AC Servo
Encoder: Incremental / Absolute
Repeatability: ±0.02mm (±0.0008")
Option: Medium or High speed
Design Life: 10,000 km at maximum rated speed, acceleration, payload, and moment.
Reductions in any of these factors will significantly extend actuator life.
Minimum Speed: 1 mm/sec
Option: NM: Reverse Home Position
Option: B: Brake (cable routing at end)
Option: 1, 3, or 5 meter motor and encoder cables
Load Moment: Ma: 1.5  Mb: 1.5  Mc: 3.4     kgf/m

All speed, payload, and thrust values shown vary based on ballscrew lead selection, either H, M, or L (high, medium, and low speeds).

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