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RCA2 Electric Gripper Industrial Automation Robots


Compact, Lightweight, High grip force and long stroke
Available in slide type and lever type grip
Max positioning of up to 1,500 and adjustable grip force
Zone signal output and simple length measurement

RCP2 Small Electric Gripper for Industrial Automation

New Motorized Electric Grippers Achieve High Grip Force and Long Stroke in a Compact Body!

Maximum Grip force and stroke for RCP2 small electric gripper 1. Compact, Lightweight, High grip force and long stroke
The compact, lightweight electric gripper is just 42mm in width, 71mm in height and 200g in weight. Even with its compact size, the gripper achieves high performance of 14N max grip force and 8mm in open/close stroke.

2. Electric Slide type and Electric Lever type
Two types are available for you to choose from. The slider type with a guide promises excellent rigidity, while the lever type ensures easy gripping of the load because the levers open 180 degrees.

slider and lever type electric grippers 3. Multiple positioning points and adjustable gripping force
The actuator performs positioning to a max of 1,500 points based on servo control and gripping force with which the actuator grabs the load is also adjustable. Accordingly, you can adjust the open/close width of the fingers to make sure loads that deform easily are gripped properly.

4. Zone signal output and simple length measurement
The zone signal function lets you set a desired zone and cause a signal to be output when the electric gripper enters the specified zone. The function is ideal for load discrimination and other operations. By using serial communication, you can also check the current position of the electric gripper. This feature can be used to perform simple length measurement.

pick and place and centering electric gripper
Pick and Place - Since multiple positioning points are supported, the open/close width can be adjusted. This is perfect for those applications where the loads are positioned at a small pitch and load positions also change.

Centering - The right and left sliders or levers move simultaneously to center the load.

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