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The new RCP2/RCA-SRA series short type electric actuator length has been reduced by up to 45%.
Choose from single and double guides offering flexible installation.

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  • 45% Reduction in length
  • Pulse/Servo Motor Option
  • 4 Guide Mounting Options
  • Energy Efficient
  • Flange and Foot Bracket Available for Flexible Mounting

1. Significantly Shortened Length

We have shortened the length of the actuator by up to 129mm compared to the current equivalent model. Customers can now use the actuator in narrow locations where there is very little space.

2. Choose Between Pulse/Servo Motor

Select between 2 types of motors: a pulse motor type suitable for push force and low-speed raising and lowering operations, or a servo motor type effective for stable transportation during high-speed operations.

3. Guides Can Be Selected

Guides can be selected if a load is applied to the end of the rod (actuator), or if straight motion is required. A single guide or a double guide can be selected, and for the single guide, there are 3 directions that the guide can be installed.

4. Flexible Installation

There are 5 installation surfaces on the actuator. We have also prepared optional front and rear flanges and foot brackets. (bottom/side)

5. Quality and Innovation

We at IAI are always working to offer high quality and innovative solutions tailored for your specific application. Whenever you need support, IAI's experienced teams of technical support engineers are available to help you diagnose and troubleshoot IAI products. When you require innovative and high quality robots, excellent service and support for your unique needs, demand IAI!

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