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rcp2cr cleanroom and dustproof type electric grippers


Cleanroom and Dustproof Specifications IK Series cartesian system PDF Catalog
Small and Lightweight with High Torque
Available in Slide and Lever Types
Multi-Point Positioning and Adjustable Grip Strength

1. Cleanroom Specification/Dustproof Specification

The cleanroom specification means air is extracted from inside the body of the actuator to give it a cleanroom class rating of 10 (0.1μm).

The dustproof specification eliminates the suction coupling of the clean specification and enables use in dusty adverse environments with IP50-equivalent dust proofing. (no splash-proofing)

2. Multi-Point Positioning and Adjustable Grip Strength

Servo-controlled positioning for up to 1,500 points and a capability to make fine adjustments to the grip as needed.

3. Small and Lightweight, with High Torque and Long Strokes

Small, and lightweight, the 42mm-wide, 71mm-high electric gripper weights 200g with a 14N maximum grip strength, and 8mm open/close stroke specification.

4. Two Settings: Slider Type and Lever Type

A two-type lineup features a guide-equipped slider type with excellent rigidity and lever type whose lever can be opened and closed 180 degrees.

5. Quality and Innovation

We at IAI are always working to offer high quality and innovative solutions tailored for your specific application. Whenever you need support, IAI's experienced teams of technical support engineers are available to help you diagnose and troubleshoot IAI products. When you require innovative and high quality robots, excellent service and support for your unique needs, demand IAI!

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