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rcp2 grst long stroke gripper

Features and Benefits:

Long Stroke up to 100mm (4") IK Series cartesian system PDF Catalog
High Speed 75mm/s
High Grip Force 40N
Positioning Repeatability of ±0.01mm (0.00039")

long stroke gripper

1. Long Stroke of up to 100mm

With the long stroke of the RCP2-GRST, handle many parts of different sizes and shapes. Choose between strokes of 40mm/60mm/80mm/100mm.

2. High Gripping Force of up to 40N

The gripping force of the standard type is twice the force capable of the GRS type.

3. By Increasing the Opening/Closing Speed, Achieve High-Speed Operation

high speed gripper Choose between the high-speed type (75mm/s) and the standard type (34mm/s).

cable exit option

4. Cable Exit Option

The cable exit option offered on the RCP2-GRST allows the choice between bottom or side exit.

5. Quality and Innovation

We at IAI are always working to offer high quality and innovative solutions tailored for your specific application. Whenever you need support, IAI's experienced teams of technical support engineers are available to help you diagnose and troubleshoot IAI products. When you require innovative and high quality robots, excellent service and support for your unique needs, demand IAI!

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