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RCP2-GRHM / GRHB High-force Electric Gripper
A high-force gripper series offering much greater gripping force and moment rigidity is now available!
The full lineup includes models of various sizes from small to large.

Feature1Greater Gripping Force
The maximum gripping force is 200 N (~45lbs), meaning that even heavy work parts can be gripped without fail. It is also possible to adjust the gripping force for each work part, so difficult-to-handle work parts such as those that deform easily are also supported.
RCP2-GRHM / GRHB Gripper high grip force

Feature2Higher Rigidity
Moment rigidity is achieved using internal ball guides. Large work parts can be supported.
RCP2-GRHM / GRHB Gripper high rigidity

Feature3Longer Stroke
Long strokes of up to 40 mm (20 mm per side) are supported, so work parts of different sizes can also be handled.
RCP2-GRHM / GRHB Electric Gripper longer-stroke

Feature4Cable Exit Direction (optional)
The cables can exit to one of four directions including top, bottom, left and right.

RCP2-GRHM / GRHB High-force Grippers cable exit directions

Electric Gripper Line-up

Name Smallest slide type Smallest lever type Small slide type Small long-stroke type Medium slide type New Medium high-force slide type New Large high-force slide type
Opening / closing stroke (total of both sides) 8mm 180° 10mm 100mm 14mm 32mm 40mm
Maximum gripping force (N) 14 6.4 21 20/40 80 125 200
Maximum opening / closing speed (mm/s) 78 600 33.3 75/34 36.7 100 100
Allowable static load moment (N•m) Ma 0.5 6.3 2.93 6.3 15.2 20.4
Mb 0.5 6.3 2.93 6.3 21.7 34.3
Mc 1.5 7 5 8.3 60.5 77.8
External dimensions (mm) W 42 42 69 190 74 116 131
H 24 36 30 33 36 44 50
D 71 73 71 53.5 79 105 118
Mass (kg) 0.2 0.2 0.36 0.66 0.5 1.14 1.5

Rcp2 grhm grhb moment direction2

Model Specification

Rcp2 grhm grhb specification3


Model Number

Applicable Controllers

Name Model Number
Solenoid type (100-V specification) PMEC-C-☐-NP-2-1
Solenoid type (24-V specification) PSEP-C-☐-NP-2-0
Splash-proof solenoid type (24-V specification) PSEP-CW-☐-NP-2-0
Positioner type PCON-C-☐-NP-2-0
Field network type RPCON-☐
Program type PSEL-C-1-☐-NP-2-0


Type Cable
Standard type (robot cable) P (1m)
S (3m)
M (5m)
Special length X06 (6m) ~ X10 (10m)
X11 (11m) ~ X15 (15m)
X16 (16) ~ X20 (20m)


Name Option Code
Optional cable exit direction (top) CJT
Optional cable exit direction (right) CJR
Optional cable exit direction (left) CJL
Optional cable exit direction (bottom) CJB
Flange bracket FB
Shaft bracket SB

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