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Here is an example of how to reduce labor costs and increase production by automatizing the electronic encapsulation process using the Table Top type robot TTA series, which was conducted manually previously.

Labor Cost:
Reduction of $22,300/year (*1)

Production Amount:
640 pieces/day ⇒ 740 pieces/day (Increased by 100 pieces/day) ⇒  Productivity Improvement of 16%

*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)


Electronic Components / Applicator
Potting and Encapsulation Machine - CT-Effects Application Example
[ Robot/Electric Actuators ]
[ Controllers ]
TTA-A3 Built-in


  • [Equipment Overview]

    Set a pallet on the equipment and press the start button on the TTA. The equipment starts applying a molding encapsulant on the PCB (printed circuit board) one by one to seal them up.


  • [Detail of the Work Process]

    1. The work piece is a PCB (printed circuit board) which is placed on a pallet. (20 work pieces for 1 pallet)
    2. Since the application process was conducted manually before introducing the equipment, it took 36 seconds for one work piece.
    3. It takes 3 minutes (180 seconds) to replace the pallet (operation time to remove the pallet, set a new one and then press the start button).


  • [Effect after Automatizing]
    • A molding encapsulant gets applied evenly in minimum time for the necessary amount, which made the operation time 30 seconds on average per work piece.
    • Since the worker is now only responsible for “the placement and removal of the pallets” and “to press the start button”, the person in charge of other duties can now handle this operation as well, which reduced the labor cost for workers who performed application.

[CT Effects - Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei]


Subject Manual Work Equipment with TTA
Cycle Time 36 seconds/piece 30 seconds/piece
Production Amount per day in Unit of pallets 32 Pallets(*2) 37 Pallets(*3)
Production Amount per day (Amount in unit of pallets 20 pieces/pallet) 640 pieces 740 pieces
Labor Cost per day $120/day(*4) $27/day(*5)
Labor Cost per Year (Labor cost per day *240 working days) $28,800/year Approx.$6,500/year

(*1) $28,800-$6,500. Subtracting automatizing cost in the 1st year will give $22,300 subtract TTA, machine, and program cost.
(*2) 28,800 seconds (operation time per day)/(36 seconds/piece *20 pieces/pallet + Pallet replacing time 180 seconds)=32 pallets=> Number of pallet replacing is 31 times
(*3) 28,800 seconds/(30 seconds/piece *20 pieces/pallet + pallet replacing time 180 seconds)=37 pallets=> Number of pallet replacing is 36 times
(*4) Labor $15/hour, 8hours/day
(*5) Total working time per day for pallet replacing=Time for pallet replacing 3 minutes. *Pallet replacing 36 times=108 min.(=1.8 hours), Labor cost=$15/hour, 8hours/day

*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)

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