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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples


medical needle cutting application in automation with IAI electric actuators
Pick & Place Machine for Packaging

Video from IAI YouTube Channel:

ISA-MXM (3 ea)
Multi-axis Controller

  • A Cartesian robot with gripper places molded parts out of the injection molding machine into a box system that aligns them
  • Traditionally, an articulated multi-jointed robot was used. However, it could get a little out of alignment with the divider plate inside the box thus occasionally stopping production
  • By adopting the use of a IAI Cartesian robot, the X & Y axes could easily be fine-tuned in the proper directions such that fewer stops in production led to improved utilization of capacity
  • If the work part is not acceptable, it is dropped into the NG (No Good) bin
  • In addition, the cost of the robotic system could be reduced


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