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Food Processing
Pick & Place of Food Packaging Pouch Packs Application Example
Controller: SCON
Actuator: RCS2-SA6C
  • By using ROBO Cylinders to supply a filling machine with food packaging pouch packs, an example of CT effects has been demonstrated.
  • Previously, the pick & place machine consisted of two air cylinders. However, since there were variations in the position where the auto switch was turned on at the end of the stroke which was attached to the Y-axis, the timing of the lowering of the Z-axis was displaced. Thus the pick & place positions of the pouch packs were displaced causing stoppages in production to occur.
  • Furthermore, since the timing had shifted, the vacuum pad position had skidded which also lead to excessive wear.
  • After testing by replacing the air cylinders with the RCS2 series of ROBO Cylinders of the YZ unit, reliable operation is now available in the position complete signal of the built-in encoder. Stoppages were eliminated thereby making the mistakes in the positioning of the picking & placing disappear.


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