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April 2015

New Actuator Sizing Tool


IAI ROBO Cylinders® and single-axis robots are both high-precision electric actuators equipped with a ball screw, linear guide, and an AC servo motor. However, ROBO Cylinder®’s emphasis on miniaturization and handling of light loads has made them significantly lower cost.

The many types of ROBO Cylinder® actuators include Slider, Rod, Table, Gripper, Rotary, Linear Servo, Cleanroom, and Dustproof/Splashproof.

To help you quickly select the proper ROBO Cylinders® for your project, a new actuator sizing tool is currently available at intelligentactuator.com/part-search/

Start by making selections from the pull-down menus to quickly target your desired specs and the list will instantly filter out actuators that don’t meet your selection range.

You can also quickly view and download detailed specs, manuals, and CAD files of any of the models you choose.

Please feel to let us know if you encounter any problems or frustrations with the tool by contacting us and we’ll help you out ASAP.

DD Direct Drive Motor


The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary table actuator that does not use any speed reducing mechanisms such as a belt or reduction gears.
 High speed and excellent response has been attained with a compact frame.

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Application Productivity Improvement


External Pipe Diameter Precision Measurement Application

Application details before improvement

  • An optical measuring tool moves along a pipe and measures the external diameter at a specific location (near the center) of the pipe surface.
  • The cycle time was long and caused a bottleneck in the production line.
  • The pipe is placed and removed manually.
  • Line stoppage has occurred for 30 minutes a day due to measuring errors.

Replacing the air cylinder with a ROBO Cylinder® improved productivity by 115%.

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IAI Tech Support Lines

Please call IAI technical support from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at these locations:

Western U.S. office: (800) 736-1712
Central U.S. office: (800) 944-0333
Eastern U.S. office: (888) 354-9470

Outside office hours, please use our contact form.

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