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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples

Application Examples with IAI Electric Actuators
lathe application in automation with IAI electric actuators
Numerically Controlled Lathe

ROBO Cylinder RCP2W-RA10C
Note: Proper precautions should be taken such that the actuator doesn't receive any rotational torques or lateral loading. This may be accomplished by mounting a bearing at the end of the rod and by properly centering the work piece.
  • In a NC (numerically controlled) lathe, a hydraulic cylinder is used to push the cylindrical center work piece into the chuck from the opposite side. The following problems may occur when using the hydraulic cylinder:
  • 1) When the work piece changes, this causes time-consuming setup changes
    - Workers must manually position the work piece and use an indicator to make sure it is properly centered.

    2) The pressure change is not subtle
    - The pushing force for the work piece can be too strong and can cause it to bend
    - In order to change the force, a reducing valve must be installed to change the pressure which is done by using a bypass circuit

  • However, by adopting the ROBO Cylinder, the setup is automated and thus makes the adjustment of the pushing force to the work piece easier.

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