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This page is in reference to an obsolete version MSEL Controller. Please click here to go to the latest MSEL controller.

Q: I've got the SelWin v4.xx software, can I program the MSEL with this?

A: No. The MSEL has its own dedicated software. It's MS DOS-based and the final release version of this software was v2.08, released in 11/93.

Q: I've used some of your other controllers and all had a limit switch connector on the controller. Where is the limit switch connector for the MSEL?

A: The limit switch connection is made through the I/O connector on pins 28 (for X axis), 4 (for Y axis), 29 (for Z axis) and 5 (for Theta axis). There is no dedicated input terminal for the limit switch on the controller.

Q: What are a few parts that would be good to have on hand?

A: Keeping an extra memory card on hand containing backup information is not a bad idea. These memory cards have been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer, so Intelligent Actuator can not obtain them. For production-critical, heavy-load applications, the purchase of either backup driver boards or a controller is a good idea as well.

Q: I need a replacement driver board for a 60W DC motor. What info do you need?

A: The MSEL has three different 60W driver boards. One is for the Japan Servo motor, one is for the Yaskawa motor and one is for the Tamagawa motor. In the case of a 60W motor, check to see the part number on the motor itself and possibly, the brand name. Improperly matched driver boards will not function and may cause damage.

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