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Food Processing
Layer Cake Cutting Machine Application Example
Controller: SCON-C
Actuator: RCS2-SA7C
  • The ROBO Cylinder has been adopted into a cutting machine to cut 16 equal slices of a Baumkuchen (layer cake).
  • The cutting tool is fastened to the top of the slider of the ROBO Cylinder to cut the cake.
  • Previously, an air cylinder was used in which the speed was unstable which resulted in unclean cuts, and the shape of the cake was easily lost.
  • Furthermore, since the hardness of the cake varies depending on the type of cake, adjustment of the air cylinder pressing force was difficult thus stoppages in the operation had occurred.
  • Replacing with the ROBO Cylinder, clean cuts can be made while not losing the shape of the cake.
  • Additionally, stoppages lasting 10 to 15 minutes per hour were reduced to almost none. Production per hour also increased from 1500 to 1800 slices thus the quality of the cake was improved while also reducing the cycle time.


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