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Incremental Encoder Cartesian actuators with incremental encoders must be "homed" in order to start moving or teaching points.  (The Absolute Encoder Option eliminates this necessity.)  After told to home, the controller and actuator(s) perform the following tasks:

  1. The slide slowly moves towards "home" position which can be either motor side or the opposite end. This home direction can be changed via parameters.
  2. The slide encounters either a "hard stop" of neoprene or a limit switch and stops.
  3. A current limit is sensed (also preset by the factory parameters for hard stop homing) or the limit switch is activated.
  4. The slide moves in the opposite direction at a set speed until the first "Z-pulse" is encountered on the encoder wheel. If the z-pulse is not found, the slide will move in the opposite direction again to find the pulse.
  5. Once the z-pulse is found, the slide moves a set distance (usually 1/10 of the lead).
  6. Homing is complete.

If any of these steps fail, it could mean an encoder cable breakdown, disconnected encoder cable, too heavy a payload, brake not releasing, or a breakdown in the encoder circuitry itself.

Check your connections, both brake and encoder, and mind the payload for the application.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

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