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The IH SCARA has been moved to the obsolete archive.

Q: We powered down our backup IH-SCARA robot for about 6 months. When we powered back up, the IH-SCARA's encoder feedback was extremely wrong.

A: There is a lithium battery backup of the IH-SCARA's absolute encoders. This battery only goes into effect when the unit is powered down. Unfortunately, this battery is not rechargeable and probably needs to be replaced. In addition to this, the IH-SCARA needs to be re-homed as it no longer has updated encoder data.

Q: We've got a few other machines running on the same 220VAC line as the IH-SCARA. When we're in full production sometimes the IH-SCARA will fault out 'A7' on all 4 axes and the z-axis will drop.

A: We recommend that the IH-SCARA controller is powered by a dedicated constant-voltage transformer. If one is not available, please use a dedicated 220VAC line that runs at a voltage level of 200/220VAC +/- 10%. The A7 and z-drop is due to a quick dip in voltage level forcing the controller to think the motors are still on, even though the dip cut power.

Q: When we open our door guards, the IH-SCARA controller goes into E-stop. We've got medium-tension air tubing wrapped around the Z-axis, and sometimes the theta location will be "off" after releasing E-stop.

A: If any of the IH-SCARA axes are moved during the controller boot-up sequence (after power-up, e-stop or reset) before "rd" is on the display (ready), the encoder data will be inaccurate. There is no fix for this at the moment.

Q: What's the difference between wiring for the NPN I/O card and PNP IO card?

A: The main difference is that the power connection for Power (+24V) and Common (0V) are switched. On the NPN I/O card, the power connection is on pin 1A (Brown) and the common is on 25B (Black). The PNP card is the exact opposite from the NPN card.

Q: Our system has grown in size and we're considering the option of a vision system. We didn't purchase the original SCARA system with the 2ch RS232c option installed. Is this something that we can install ourselves?

A: Expansion I/O and 2ch RS232 cards can be added in the field. Anything above and beyond this, however, would require an IA Engineer to modify the controller in-house or on-site.

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