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Basically, the IF is a "belt-driven version of the IS Actuator".   By combining the high moment loads of the IS with the speed of the FS, the IF Series has proven itself in providing torsional rigidity, reliability, and high speeds.   Here is what the IF Series provides:

  • AC Servo Motor
  • Maximum stroke length: 2500 mm
  • Maximum speed: 1750 mm/sec
  • High rigidity base structure
  • Double slider option for large moments and overhang
  • Highly durable urethane composite timing belt
  • High base resistance to torsional deformation

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IF Series actuators are available in 2 different model types, both providing different payload, speed, and moment capabilities.

The Small Type has either a 60W or 100W motor, and provides payload up to 10kg (22 lbs).

The Medium Type has a frame width 30mm larger than the Small Type, and is available with either a 200W or 400W motor.

Both series are available with a double slider option for higher moment load capabilities and larger overhang load length.

Controller Features

The X-SEL Controller is used  to drive the IF actuators.  The features included in this controller are as follows:

  • CPUs (Main and Motor)
  • Drivers
  • 2-channel RS232c port (option)
  • NPN or PNP User I/O
  • Memory for 3,000 steps of programming
  • Positioning for up to 2000 points
  • 24 user inputs (standard)
  • 24 user outputs (standard)

Click here for X-SEL Controller features and specifications.

Actuator Specifications

Moment Load and Overhang

Ma, Mb, Mc Moment Loads
Overhang Load Length
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