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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples


Food Processing
Food packing application in automation
Food packing application
Video from IAI YouTube Channel:

Actuator: ERC2-RGDS6C
Controller: ERC2 Controller
  • A vision sensor is used to inspect the printing of the date printed on the lid of a cup of food.
  • If defects are found in the printing, the ROBO Cylinder is used to push the product and discharge it from the conveyor. This was previously done manually.
  • By introducing this system:
    1. Productivity has improved
    2. Conveyor speed has been increased
    3. Labor costs have been reduced
    4. Defects were eliminated
  • The ROBO Cylinder actuator was chosen, instead of an air cylinder to discharge the defective products, due to its "energy conservation" and "ease of programming" characteristics.


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