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A device for stacking and transferring frozen food packs to the conveyor of the next process.
This device transfers frozen gyoza dumplings from the wrapping process to the next process of packing into cardboard boxes.
Packs are dropped from the conveyor by free fall, stacked on the L-shaped receiving jig attached to the ELECYLINDER®, and transferred on the conveyor to the next process.
Previously, an air cylinder was used but defects were produced due to collapses of packs caused by impact at the time of transfers and stops.
Furthermore, the speed could not be increased as it causes collapses of packs.
Since the ELECYLINDER® can set desired values for A (acceleration), V (velocity) and D (deceleration) individually, starting and stopping operations are slow, while the in-between operations are fast. Because of this, the cycle time has been shortened from 5 seconds to 4.7 seconds.
In addition, because of no impact exerted during operations, the defects due to pack collapses have been reduced from 0.5% to 0.0%.
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