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You can quickly find your ideal EC Electric Cylinder in the table below.
Download specific model specs, manuals, and CAD files.
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Model Specs




Body Width (mm)

Lead (mm)

Stroke (50mm increments)

Max H Load (kg)

Max V Load (kg)

Max Push Force (N)

Max Speed (mm/s)

Repeat- ability (mm)

EC-S7SAHManualsCADSlider High Rigidity (4-row built-in linear guide)7524050~08003703.001391230±0.05
EC-S7HAHManualsCADSlider High Rigidity (4-row built-in linear guide)7516050~08004608.002090980±0.05
EC-S7MAHManualsCADSlider High Rigidity (4-row built-in linear guide)7508050~08005116.004180420±0.05
EC-S7LAHManualsCADSlider High Rigidity (4-row built-in linear guide)7504050~08005125.008360210±0.05
EC-S7SRManualsCADSlider w/ Side-mounted motor7324050~05003703.001390860±0.05
EC-S7HRManualsCADSlider w/ Side-mounted motor7316050~05004608.002090700±0.05
EC-S7MRManualsCADSlider w/ Side-mounted motor7308050~05005116.004180420±0.05
EC-S7LRManualsCADSlider w/ Side-mounted motor7304050~05005119.008360190±0.05
EC-S7SAHRManualsCADSlider High Rigidity w/ Side-mounted motor (4-row built-in linear guide)7524050~08003703.001391080±0.05
EC-S7HAHRManualsCADSlider High Rigidity w/ Side-mounted motor (4-row built-in linear guide)7516050~08004608.002090840±0.05
EC-S7MAHRManualsCADSlider High Rigidity w/ Side-mounted motor (4-row built-in linear guide)7508050~08005116.004180420±0.05
EC-S7LAHRManualsCADSlider High Rigidity w/ Side-mounted motor (4-row built-in linear guide)7504050~08005125.008360190±0.05

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