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September 13, 2017

Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community.
Here is a new Easy Automation Application Improvement video.

Easy Automation Improvement Example V.6-1

Roll Threading Machine for Hexagonal Socket Head Setscrews

This system rolls hexagonal socket head setscrews. Air cylinders are used to introduce material to the rolling machine and remove processed setscrews from the machine.


Problems occurred with Air Cylinder

The part may drop due to the shock that generates when the Y-axis stops.
The shock can be reduced by lowering the speed of the air cylinder.
However, the speed cannot be lowered because the productivity will drop too low.

When the air cylinder was used, the defect rate due to dropped parts was 10%.
(Dropped parts must be disposed of.)


Automation Improvements Achieved by the ROBO Cylinder®

1. Shock-free operation achieved by deceleration setting function
The ROBO Cylinder lets you set desired decelerations.
By setting the deceleration low, the actuator decelerates smoothly to a stop.

As a result, there are no more defects due to parts dropping.

Defect rate:

Air cylinder:

ROBO Cylinder®:

2. Shortened the cycle time by speed & acceleration setting function
The ROBO Cylinder® lets you set desired speeds, accelerations and decelerations.
Setting the speed and acceleration high enabled high-speed operation, and the cycle time became shorter.

As a result, the cycle time decreased from 4.6 seconds to 3.1 seconds.

Cycle time:

Air cylinder:
4.6 seconds

ROBO Cylinder®:
3.1 seconds

3. Substantially shorter line operating hours
Since the percent of defective parts dropped to 0% and the cycle time is now shorter, the line operating hours needed to produce the required quantity per day has decreased.

Line operating hours decreased by 6 hours a day.

Line operating hours:

Air cylinder:
14.6 hours/day

ROBO Cylinder®:
8.6 hours/day


Cost Cutting Effect

(1) Conditions

Required production quantity 10,000 pieces/day
Labor cost $18*/hour
(Estimate) Cost of product $0.04*/piece
Annual operation days 240 days

(2) Comparison of air cylinder and ROBO Cylinder®

Item System using air cylinder System using ROBO Cylinder®
Cycle time 4.6 seconds 2.9 seconds
Defect rate 10% 0%
Line operating hours 14.6 hours/day 8.6 hours/day
10,000 pieces x 1.1 (percent defective 10%)
= 11,000 pieces
4.6 seconds x 11,000 pieces
= 50,600 seconds or 14.1 hours
Choko-tei (Down time) 30 minutes/day
3.1 seconds x 10,000 pieces
= 31,000 seconds or 8.6 hours
Labor cost $63,072*/year $37,152*/year
14.6 hours/day x $18*/hour x 240 days/year
= $63,062*/year
8.6 hours/day x $18*/hour x 240 days/year
= $37,152*/year
Defect disposal cost $9,600* $0
1,000 pieces x $0.04*/piece = $40*
$40* x 240 days = $9,600*

(3) Cost Cutting Effect

Air Cylinder ROBO Cylinder®
Labor cost $63,072* - $37,152* = $25,920*
Defect disposal cost $9,600* - $0 = $9,600*
Difference = $35,520*



By adopting the ROBO Cylinder®, the cycle time decreased by 30%, the defect rate dropped to 0%, and annual savings of $35,520* could be achieved.

* Exchange Rate: 1(USD) = 100(Japanese Yen)

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