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System Overview :
Improvement Overview :
Device for transferring packaged short cakes to the next process conveyor belt.
Replacing an air cylinder with an ELECYLINDER to transfer packaged short cakes.
Reduced labor cost of $7,800 per year thanks to the shortened transfer time by adjusting acceleration / deceleration.
Description of Operation
 1   Packaged short cakes move along conveyor belt A (X direction).

 2   Cakes are re-oriented by the transfer jig and pushed out two packs side by side on conveyor belt B (Y direction)

 3   They are boxed manually in the next process.

Before Improvement
Improvement Effects

 Past problems     

Speed could not be increased.

In older equipment, when the speed controller was opened in order to increase the speed of the transfer jig, there was greater shock on the short cakes. As a result, the following problems occurred:

  • Strawberry toppings were shifted.
  • Sponge cake was deformed (corners were crushed)
  • Cream stuck inside the package.
Because of these problems, the speed could not be increased.
Transfer time before installation
Air cylinder speed: approx. 300 mm/second

 Time for a reciprocation: 2.4 seconds 
* Speed is adjusted by speed controller.

{Daily Production}

30,000 pieces/2 pieces x 2.4 seconds
= 10 hours

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER®     

Speed has been increased.

The ELECYLINDER can numerically set A (acceleration), V (velocity) and D (deceleration) respectively.
Damaged products can be prevented by making shocks on the package smaller with smooth acceleration.
In addition, time for outward movement (forward) can be shortened due to higher speed.
Return movement (backward) can also be set at higher speed and acceleration/deceleration because it does not affect the package.

Transfer time after installation
Outward movement (forward) at a smooth high speed.
Max. speed: 566 mm/second
Acceleration: 0.2G, Deceleration: 1.0G
One-way movement time: 1.0 second
Return movement (backward) at high acceleration/deceleration.
Max. speed: 566 mm/second
Acceleration/deceleration: 1.0G
One-way movement time: 0.8 second

 Time for a reciprocation: 1.8 seconds     

{Daily production hour} 30,000 pieces / 2 pieces x 1.8 seconds = 7 hours 30 minutes


Labor Cost
$12.50 / hour / worker
Annual operation days 250 days


Daily production is shortened by 2 hours and 30 minutes.

2 hours 30 minutes x $12.50 /hour x 250 days = $7,812.50

Annual labor cost reduced by $7812.50 thanks to the shortened production time of 2 hours 30 minutes.
The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)
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