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System Overview :
Improvement Overview :
Device for putting syrup on doughnuts on a conveyor belt.
Replacing an air cylinder with an ELECYLINDER ® to move and dispense syrup.
Saves $4,200 per year in labor costs thanks to stable operations and improved quality.
Description of Operation
 1   Doughnuts move along a conveyor belt.

 2   A container of syrup moves across the conveyor belt and puts syrup on doughnuts.

Before Improvement
Improvement Effects

 Past problems     

In case of an air cylinder

Because movement of the air cylinder was unstable, syrup was put on the doughnuts unevenly.

A worker had to add syrup by hand to doughnuts that did not get enough syrup.

Why wasn't the movement stable…

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER®     

In case of an ELECYLINDER

The ELECYLINDER consistently operates at a preset speed, which makes the amount of syrup on each doughnut the same.

Because of this, workers do not need to add syrup by hand.

Why is movement stable…


Labor Cost
$12 / hr
Annual operation days 350 days / year


Labor cost for adding syrup manually

 In case of an air cylinder  

1 hour/day x $12/day x 350 days = $4,200.

 In case of an ELECYLINDER  


Annual labor cost savings is $4,200 because the additional manual work of 1 hour / day is eliminated.
The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)
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