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System Overview :
Improvement Overview :
Device for extruding cheese and cutting into string-like thin shapes.
Replacing an air cylinder with an ELECYLINDER for extruding cheese.
Annual saving of $4,500 thanks to zero defective products and zero adjustment time.
Description of Operation
 1   Setting the block of cheese on the device.

 2   Extruding cheese to cut into string-like thin shapes.

 3   Placing cut cheese on the conveyor belt and sending them to the next process.

Before Improvement
Improvement Effects

 Past problems     

Adjustment time before operation startup: 30 minutes / day

It took a long time to adjust the speed controller to synchronize the cheese extruding speed with the conveyor belt.

Wasted product: 10 pieces / day

Even after adjustments, products were wasted due to fluctuation of the air source pressure.

 Time for adjusting the air cylinder 

Time for adjusting the speed controller: 30 minutes / day

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER®     

Reduced labor cost

Adjustments for cheese extruding speed is no longer needed when starting operation, reducing the adjustment time from 30 minutes to zero.
As a result, annual labor cost is reduced by $2,100.

Zero products wasted

By using an ELECYLINDER, no defective products are made, reducing the cost from $10 /day to zero.
Annual savings in wasted products is $2,400.

 Time for adjusting the ELECYLINDER 

Once the speed is set, it will always be constant. Zero minute / day

Since the ELECYLINDER operates at a constant speed, cheese can be extruded consistently.
As a result, cheese can be cut into thin string-like shapes uniformly.


Material cost (block of cheese)
$1 / piece
Conveyor belt speed
50 mm/s
Number of extrusions 1,200 times / day
Wasted products (conventional device) 10 pieces / day
Number of workers 1
Labor Cost $18 / hour
Annual operation days 240 days


Labor Cost

Adjustment time is reduced from 30 minutes to 0.
30 minutes x $18/hour x 240 days = $2,160/year

Costs for wasted products

Wasted products have been reduced from 10 pieces
to zero per day.

10 pieces x $1 (material cost per piece) x 240 days
= $2,400 /year.

Annual saving is $4,560 thanks to zero wasted products and no adjustment for extruding speed.
The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)
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