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The ICS provides a complete system solution!

Icsmain2The ICS usually consists of various combinations of ISA high-performance actuators which feature exceptional speed, rigidity, repeatability, and payload capabilities. Additional possible combinations include those using Robo Cylinders, IF, and other series actuators.

An ICS is a complete system, including the high-performance X-SEL motion controller and all necessary brackets, cables, and cable management. Various communication options available on the X-SEL controller ensure smooth integration. White papers are available detailing integration with various machine vision systems, HMIs, and PLCs (note that the X-SEL controller often eliminates the need for a PLC!).

Sample Combinations






Series Features

The Integrated Combination System is the culmination of over 10 years' experience as the world leader in manufacturing and designing linear actuators. Our designs incorporate numerous innovations, including:

  • Brushless AC Servo Motors with incremental or absolute encoders.
  • A variety of standard ballscrew leads and ballscrew diameters.
  • An extremely strong hollow extruded aluminum base with a high degree of torsion rigidity. This rigidity is especially important in multi-axis, Cartesian Coordinate positioning systems.
  • A high strength-to-weight ratio that lets you use IS Series actuators in longer, cantilevered configurations.
  • The ISA series features a coupling structure of the same overall length as the conventional IS series (integrated ball screw/rotor type). This structure allows for motor replacement in the event of a motor problem.
  • A "recessed" cable assembly that drastically reduces the amount of space needed to accommodate control cabling, reducing size even more.

Options include:

  • Magnetic brake
  • Limit switches
  • Creeping sensors
  • AQ Seal long-term lubrication
  • Ball-bearing retainers for noise reduction

Controller Features

The X-SEL Controller is used  to drive Integrated Combination Systems consisting of up to 4 axes.

Click here for X-SEL Controller features and specifications.

Actuator Specifications

All ISP and ISPD Series actuators have integrated AC Servo motors, high rigidity and a lifetime travel distance rating of 10,000 km.  This figure approximates operating life at maximum speed, payload, acceleration, and moment loads.  Small reductions in any of these factors greatly increase actual travel distance.

You can also view other cartesian solutions here.

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