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The page is obsolete. Please see the updated Code Example: ARCH Command page.

Jump Command The JUMP command works a bit differently from the MOVP and MOVL commands commonly associated with point-to-point moves.

In order to cut down on cycle time, the JUMP command lowers the total vertical distance traveled before moving the arm by "rounding the corners". A normal pattern, using either the MOVP or MOVL command, forces the vertical axis to rise all the way before moving the arm. The JUMP command, on the other hand, begins to move the arm axes (1 and 2) before the vertical has reached its complete distance of travel.

In addition to using the JUMP command, the above diagram mentions a ATRG setting of 50%. ATRG stands for "Arch Trigger" and represents how high up the vertical axis must travel, as a % of total travel, before triggering the arch move. In the example above, with a setting of 50%, the vertical axis would rise 75mm before moving the 1st and 2nd arm axes. By adjusting the ATRG setting in conjunction with VELS and ACCS, the user has very accurate control of cycle and speed.

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