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Path Pattern Dispensing with the SEL Language is very simple. Our software uses b-spline approximation for its linear interpolation on the PATH, ARC and CIR commands. These commands can be used "back-to-back" to yield a continuous motion throughout the dispense pattern. Physical outputs can be turned on in mid-path without hesitation. This is covered in detail in the next example.

The following I/O has been chosen by the user:

  • Output 303 : "On" = dispense on, "Off" = dispense off
  • Output 304 : "On" = purge on, "Off" = purge off
  • Input 12 : "On" = go to purge location

The point data is not important enough to show. However, the PATH command works as an approximation. The more points within the path, the better the approximation will be through the object. Note that points 1 and 22 are physically very close to each other. This is done to avoid common puddling. Speed is a factor as well. The faster the units are moving, the less likely they are to hit the points as close as desired. These factors all affect the final result that uses commands working on b-spline approximation.

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