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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples


Food Processing
cake cutting machine application in automation with IAI electric actuators
Cake Cutting Machine

Video from IAI YouTube Channel:
Rod Type: RCS2-RA5C-I-100-8-300-T2-P-B
Rotary Type: RCP2-RTCL-I-28P-30-360-P1-P
With the introduction of this device the quality of the slices improved as well as the productivity
- Previously done by hand

- Uniform cutting was difficult

- Large quantities caused physical injury such as tendonitis

- Speed control of the blade is needed to make smooth consistent slices

- No air source available at this particular facility for an air cylinder


Manual Labor 3,000-4,000 slices of cake were made in 15 hours
Automated Machine 5,000-6,000 slices of cake were made in 7 hours
About 3x as fast!! @16 slices per cake


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