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Food Processing
Buckwheat Flour Kneading Application Example
Controller: PSEP
Actuator: RCP2-RA
  • The ROBO Cylinder has been adopted into a machine to automatically knead buckwheat flour.
  • Previously, a rack and pinion mechanism along with a gear reduction general purpose motor was used for the up and down kneading motion of the flour. However, since the buckwheat flour is very viscous, this not only caused a problem with the motor and gear reducer but also broke teeth in the rack which resulted in a lack of pressing force.
  • By changing to ROBO Cylinders, this solved the problem of gear teeth being broken by eliminating the gear rack, and it also made possible an improvement in the pressing force. The flour was kneaded with a stronger force which lead to improved quality and reduced the cycle time.
  • Furthermore, compared to the conventional machine, the structure of the machine became simpler by reducing wiring and programming efforts, thus a significant cost reduction was also realized.


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