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September 10, 2020
We would like to share with you this Application Improvement Example.
   Application Example   

Tray Transfer Equipment for Baked Cakes

Equipment Overview

  1. Trays filled with baked cakes come out from an oven.
  2. The trays are pushed out to a conveyor carrying to the next process.

   Before Improvement

coffeetime-2019-04-e before
  Previous equipment  

➤ Trays filled with baked cakes come out on a chain conveyor to the X direction.

➤ A sensor detects when the tray reaches position A.

➤ A rod-less air cylinder with an arm sends it to the belt conveyor. (Orientation is changed 90 degrees).



➤ The source air pressure changes seasonally and depending on operating conditions of other equipment affects the operation.

➤ At the start of operation, the speed was faster and caused shock. As a result cakes collapsed and they were often disposed.

Reject rate 0.4%

   After Improvement

coffeetime-2019-04-e after

  Improved Equipment  

The air cylinder has been replaced by an ELECYLINDER.


The motorized ELECYLINDER is not affected by air pressure.

In addition, because the speed and acceleration/ deceleration can be set individually, operations are always smooth without shock.


Reject rate 0%

  Effects   (Condition: Rejects 120 pcs./day, Cost US$0.15/pc., Annual operation 200 days.)

Reject rate per day has become zero percent.

Profit increased by USD$3,600 per year.
    120 pcs. X US$0.15 x 200 days = US$3,600.
    *Exchange Rate: 1(USD) = 100(Japanese Yen)

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