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November 18, 2020
We would like to share with you this Application Improvement Example.
   Application Example   

Sorting Equipment for Home Electric Appliance Parts

Equipment Overview

  1. Washed / dried parts are transferred on a conveyor in the X direction (two different types are mixed: A and B).
  2. Part B is sorted out and transferred to belt conveyor B by using a cylinder.

   Before Improvement

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➤ The source air pressure changes seasonally. Depending on operating conditions of other equipment, it often caused the Air cylinder to slow down.

➤ When the air cylinder and sorting plate operated slowly, sorting was not properly done in time, causing parts B to remain on belt conveyor A and sent to the next process.

➤ Part B is also sometimes trapped as shown in the illustration, causing a temporary stop.

➤ Every time a temporary stop occurred, the Air cylinder speed had to be adjusted, taking about 8 minutes. This took place about 5 times per day.

8 minutes to adjust speed x 5 times = 40 minutes per day.

   After Improvement

coffeetime 2019 03 e after 546px

  Improvement by motorization  

The Air cylinder has been replaced by an ELECYLINDER.

The effect of introducting the ELECYLINDER is as follows:

Thanks to the electric motor, the speed is constant and not affected by changes in air pressure.

No speed fluctuations have made the sorting plate's operation stable, causing no sorting errors by part B or temporary stops due to trapped parts.

No temporary stops occur and no time is spent for recovery.


Time for recovery: 0 minute / day

  Effects   (Condition: Labor cost US$12/hr, Annual operation 240 days.)

Working hours has been reduced by 40 minutes per day.
    Recovery time of 40 minutes per day from temporary stops has been eliminated.

Annual saving for labor cost is US$1,900.
    US$12 x 40 minutes (10 min. x 4 times) x 240 days = US$1,920.
    *Exchange Rate: 1(USD) = 100(Japanese Yen)

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