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August 6, 2020
We would like to share with you this Application Improvement Example.
   Application Example   

Defective Product Screening Equipment

Equipment Overview

  • Packs filled with shampoo are transferred in the X direction on a conveyor.
  • The weight of the shampoo packs are measured by a weight checker when they are transferred onto the conveyor.
  • If the weight is outside the allowable range, air cylinder stops the pack and air cylinder discharges it to the Y direction as a defective product.

   Before Improvement


Defective products sometimes got past the rejection process due to the slow movement of air cylinder that was caused by fluctuation of the source air pressure.
When the movement is too slow, an alarm activates and a choco-tei (a temporary stop) occurs.

Likewise, before Air cylinder discharged a defect, a new shampoo pack was often fed on the weight checker conveyor, which disabled a weight measurement.
When the measurement failed, an alarm activated and choco-tei (a temporary stop) occurred. Also, some defective products did not fall in the defective product box, but fell out of the box.

Choco-tei (a temporary stop) due to Air cylinders and took place an average 3 times a day, each of which took 10 minutes of adjustments for recovery.

It took a total of 30 minutes per day for recovery from the choco-tei (temporary stop).

»  3 times x 10 minutes = 30 minutes/day

   After Improvement

  Improvement by Motorization  

Air cylinders and have been replaced by ELECYLINDERs.

The result of the introduction of ELECYLINDERs is as follows:

Thanks to no speed fluctuations, defective products are not getting passed the rejection process.
The alarm no longer activates and choco-tei never occurs.

Because there are no speed fluctuations, another shampoo pack is no longer fed onto the weight checker conveyor before the proper time.
The alarm is not activated and choco-tei no longer occurs.

Defective products do not fall out of the reject box.

No choco-tei occurs and no time is spent for recovery.

»  Time for recovery: 0 minute / day

  Effects     (Condition: Labor cost US$12/hr, Annual operation 240 days.)

Working hours has been reduced by 30 minutes per day.
      Recovery time of 30 minutes per day from choco-tei has been eliminated.

Annual saving for labor cost is US $1,400.
      US$12 x 30 minutes (10 min. x 3 times) x 240 days = US$1,440.
      *Exchange Rate: 1 (USD) = 100 (Japanese Yen).

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