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August 2015

Douglas demonstrates how he programmed the ROBO Cylinder.

Tutorial Video of MODBUS Serial Communication


This is a short tutorial video to assist you to understand IAI's MODBUS Serial Communication.
Start with very simple commands and then move to more advanced commands.
For full information, please refer to IAI's Serial Communication Manual. Sample commands are also available to download.

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Updated AOI Files for IAI Controllers


Updates were made to Add-On Instructions (AOI) files for ACON, PCON, SCON, and MSEP-C IAI controllers operating in Full-Direct communication mode.

*Login required to download.

They are saved as exported .L5X files from RSLogix 5000 version 17 software and can be imported into any RSLogix 5000 program that is version 17 or later.

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IAI Tech Support Lines

Please call IAI technical support from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at these locations:

Western U.S. office: (800) 736-1712
Central U.S. office: (800) 944-0333
Eastern U.S. office: (888) 354-9470

Outside office hours, please use our contact form.

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