Connecting IAI products to machinery of other makes
- Information concerning communications

1) ROBONET Modbus communication function block / Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series)

When connecting ROBONET controllers to an Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series) you will need to download a function block to simplify communications. (Free)

IAI Product Name
Connection / Communication

Omron PLC
CS1 Series
CJ1 Series

Raw File (16 kb)
Compressed File (15 kb)

ROBONET User Manual Download
Function Block Explanation
Function Block Explanation
Content Page
- 3.9.4 Function Block Pg. 146
- 5.3.4 RS485SIO Pg. 69
- Function Block Definition Import Pg. 76
- Writing Instance Pg. 79
- Parameter Setting Pg. 80

- Communication Method

Communication Mode
Modbus / RTU
Communication Speed
Max 230.4kbps
CS/CJ Series Ver. 4.0 or later
Serial Communication Unit
CS: CS1W-SCU**-V1 (Ver. 1.2 or later)
CJ: CJ1W-SCU**-V1 (Ver. 1.2 or later)
Program Config Software
CX-Programmer Ver. 7.0 or later

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