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A First for Slider-type ROBO Cylinders!

Dust-proof/Splash-proof Performance of IP65,
Plus At-will Installation Configuration Flexibility.

1. Dust-proof/Splash-proof IP65 Rating

Rcp4 splashed
A special structure where the base is positioned upside down to position the opening at the bottom which achieves high dust-proof/splash-proof performance of IP65 for the first time with slider-type ROBO Cylinders.

2. Compact

IAI’s splash-proof single-axis robots (ISWA series) have been made smaller to approx. 60% in cross-section area ratio while keeping the excellent splash-proof performance of ISWA robots. (60% is based on comparison of ISWA-S and RCP4W-SA5C)

Iswa width
Rcp4 width

3. Mount on the Wall or the Ceiling

Wall-mounting brackets and ceiling-mounting brackets are available as options, which significantly increase the freedom of installation.

Ceiling mountsWall mounts

4. Installable on All Four Sides of the Top, Bottom, Left and Right of the Table

Installable sides
The table positioned in a manner wrapping around the actuator, has tapped holes on all four sides of the top, bottom, left and right to increase the freedom of actuator installation.

5. Choice of Grease

Grease choice
You can select either industrial grease (Daphne Eponex No.2)(standard) or food grade grease (Medallion FM No.1) for the guides and ball screw in the actuator.

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