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The lineup of splash-proof sliders has been extended.
You can now choose a splash-proof actuator of desired size to match your specific application.

Series Features

  • The new slider structure keeps water out of the internal parts. When air purge is performed, the robot conforms to IP65. (Note 1) The high-speed robot achieves a maximum speed of 1,000 mm/sec. (Note 2)
  • The maximum load capacity is 70 kg, so heavy loads can be transferred effortlessly. (Note 3)
  • The high-precision specification (ISPWA) with a C5-equivalent precision rolled screw boasts a positioning repeatability of +/-0.01 mm. The standard specification (ISWA) also ensures high accuracy equivalent to +/-0.02 mm.
  • Select from the three sizes of S (94 mm wide), M (125 mm wide) and L (155 mm wide).
    • * (Note 1) The protection class is IP54 without air purge.
    • * (Note 2) M type, 200 W/20-mm lead.
    • * (Note 3) M type, 100 W/5-mm lead or 200 W/10-mm lead. L type, 200W/10-mm lead or 400W/20-mm lead.


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Usage Example

ISWA/ISPWA Splash-proof Electric Single Axis Actuator - Intelligent Actuator Automation

Notes On Use

  • The ISWA/ISPWA must always be used in a horizontal application in the specified orientation. Be sure to observe this requirement, since water will enter the housing if these robots are positioned on their side or used in a vertical application.
  • The protection class of each splash-proof model indicates protection against entry of water. Please contact IAI if you require protection against oil and coolant.
  • Be sure to implement purge air if the robot is used in a humid place (humidity of 85% or more). The purge air must be clean, dry air supplied from an air drier.
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