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IAI Commerative
September 15, 2011

IAI has been manufacturing single axis robots/actuators and Cartesian robots since 1986 and this year we have reached One Million units for manufacturing and sales. We aggressively develop many products including electric actuators, linear servo actuators, SCARA robots, etc. We are proud to be the leading company in the electric actuator industry.

More than ever, there are demands for increasing production and energy efficiency. We will continue to develop new products that will respond to customer needs.

For effective production, you must:
1. Shorten cycle time
2. Minimize stoppage
3. Shorten each set up times
4. Improve the yield rate

To achieve these objectives, actuators must:
1. Increase speed and acceleration
2. Be capable of many positions
3. Have long life
4. Have reliable operation

IAI products respond to these needs.
IAI's ROBO Cylinders are most suitable to shorten set up time, shorten cycle time, and minimize stoppage to improve productivity, improve quality, and lower costs.

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