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August 27, 2020
We would like to share with you this Application Improvement Example.
   Application Example   

Expiry Date Printing Equipment

Equipment Overview

  1. Equipment for printing expiry dates on cardboard boxes packed with instant food products for shipping. (84,000 units / day)
  2. Expiry dates are printed on the carton boxes aligned and placed in position.

   Before Improvement

coffeetime 2019 10 e before
  Previous equipment  

➤ Cardboard boxes (3 boxes in a row) are transferred by conveyor and stop as a sensor detects them.
➤ An air cylinder equipped with an ink jet printer moves to direction during which printing is performed on the labels of three boxes.
➤ After printing, the air cylinder shifts to direction and moves the ink jet printer to the home position.
➤ The cardboard boxes are transferred to the next process.

➤ Because of improper start timing of the air cylinder, expiry dates were sometimes printed off the label.
2019 10 e before2
➤ Due to speed fluctuations of the air cylinder, the expiry dates were sometimes printed off the label.
2019 10 e before3


    ➤ When a date was printed off the label, the conveyor had to be stopped to adjust the speed controller.
    ➤ Air cylinder adjustments and re-packing of products with improper printing (10 minutes) were carried out twice a day.
    ➤ There were 3 workers involved in the production line. While one worker was doing re-adjustment, waiting time occurred for the other two workers.

   After Improvement

2019 10 e after

  Improved Equipment  

The air cylinder has been replaced by an ELECYLINDER.


There is no delay in starting the ink jet printer .

The ink jet printer can be operated at an optimum speed as specified.

There is no need to re-adjust the start timing and speed of the ink jet printer.

Non-productive wait time for the 3 workers has been eliminated.

  Effects     After replacing an air cylinder with ELECYLINDER.

The working hours has been reduced by 20 minutes per day.
      Waiting time of 20 minutes per day for re-adjustment has been eliminated.

Annual saving for labor cost is US $3,600.
      US$15 x 20 minutes (10 min. x 2 times) x 240 days = US$3,600.
      *Exchange Rate: 1 (USD) = 100 (Japanese Yen). (Condition: Labor cost US$15/hr, Annual operation 240 days.)

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