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Types of Linear Electric Actuator (Single Axis)

Feature and usage categorized by Types of Linear Electric Actuator


 B       Table type


  • The table on the top of the main unit of Electric Actuator can be used for the actuating motion.
  • Workpiece can be attached by using the tapped holes provided on the top and front of the table.
  • It has a built-in ball-circulating linear guide in the table, which increases the moment of pitching, yawning, and rolling directions.

[ New technology ] Arrival of Double block option!

  • The installation of the two guide blocks of Linear Actuator allows the dynamic allowable moment up to 4.3 times more.
  • The adoption of the double block structure allows payload up to 2 times more compared to the single block. (Horizontal installation)

P1 110 double lock 1


  • Ideal for replacing the table type air cylinders.
  • It can be used as a clamp sandwiching the workpiece from the left and right.
  • It can be used for positioning purposes to hold the workpiece at the front of the table or for adjusting the width of the work moving on the conveyor.
  • It is suitable for vertical moveable axis of orthogonal combination.
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