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Direct Drive Motor DDA Series

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Catalog #: CE0242-1A (0916)
Pages: 20
File Size: 4MB
Last Updated: 10/11/2016

High speed, high payload, high accuracy, and easy to control.
Introducing the direct drive motor DDA Series boasting ultimate usability


Direct Drive Motor DD < 2nd edition >

Catalog #: CJ0199-2A-UST-1-0814 (1.9 MB)
Pages: 12

The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears. Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism explains why high speed and excellent response can be attained with such a compact frame.

Latest Additions—High Torque Type, Large Hollow Bore Type, High Resolution Type

1. High Speed, High Acceleration/Deceleration, High Payload
2. Index Absolute Type or Multi-rotation Absolute Type Can be Selected

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robo-cylinder-generalISPA/ICSPA Single-Axis & Cartesian Robot Series Catalog (4th Edition)
Catalog #: CJ0063-4A-UST-1-0213
Pages: P1-40 & P241-244

The ISPA is a high-precision positioning system comprised of a base, linear guides, ball screw and AC Servo motor. It achieves high rigidity through a smaller size and a Base-Integrated Guide Structure.

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P000-040: ISA/ISPA Single-Axis (16.7MB)
P041-242 Refers to the Multi-Axes ISPA actuator systems
P241-245: ISA/ISPA Technical Reference (2.0MB)

ISB/SSPA SeriesISB/SSPA Series Catalog (2nd Edition)
Catalog #: CJ0172-2A-UST-2-0212 (9.4 MB)
Pages: 60
A major revamp of the single-axis robot IS series with improvements all around—from preciseness, rigidity and payload capacity to speed and acceleration/deceleration.

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* Electrostatic Discharge spec models have been added to the series.
Download ISDBCR/ISPDBCR-ESD pages only (1.4 MB)

isdaISDA / ISPDA , ISDACR / ISPDACR Dust-Proof / Cleanroom Actuators
Catalog #: ISDA_CJ0085-2-UST-2A (6.1 MB)
Pages: 20

Our high-precision single-axis linear actuators have been improved. You can now set a maximum acceleration / deceleration of up to 1 G. The dust-proof type and cleanroom type both adopt a protective structure made of a stainless steel.

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nsNS Rotating Nut Linear Actuator
Catalog #: CJ0108-4A-1-UST-0709 (3.6 MB)
Pages: 24

A nut rotating single-axis actuator that provides long stroke and high speed. Maximum speed of 2400mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 1G greatly reduces cycle time.

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ispa-wISA-W / ISPA-W Super Large Single-Axis Actuator
Catalog #: ISPAW-CJ0088-3A-UST-2-0615 (8.5 MB)
Pages: 16
These Super Large Single-Axis Robots (Standard / Cleanroom Types) are capable of transferring loads weighing up to 150 kg for a maximum distance of 2500 mm. The maximum speed of 2000 mm/sec and maximum acceleration / deceleration of 1 G will help shorten your cycle time.

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iswaISWA / ISPWA Splash-Proof Type Actuator
Catalog #: ISWA-CJ0069-2A-UST-1-1009 (2.6 MB)
Pages: 8

The lineup of Splash-Proof Sliders has been extended. You can now choose a splash-proof actuator of desired size to match your specific application.

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ifIF Integrated Flexible Series Actuators
Catalog #: IF-UST-5-0409 (1.7 MB)
Pages: 8

The IF is a high-rigidity belt-driven single-axis actuator. The IF Series has proven itself in providing torsional rigidity, reliability, and high speeds.

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FS ActuatorFS Flexible System Series Catalog
Catalog #: FS_Catalog (4.7 MB)
Pages: 9
The FS series single-axis actuator was designed for light work, and high speed positioning. The timing belt enables the FS series to perform with minimal noise at high speeds. This high speed capability combined with high acceleration allows for short cycle times.

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FS Large ActuatorFS-L Large Flexible System Series Catalog
Catalog #: FS-L-Series-UST-1-0213 (1.2 MB)
Pages: 9
The FS-L series actuator provides up to 3000mm stroke. High-Speed and High-Payload types available. The timing belt enables the FS series to perform with minimal noise at high speeds. This high speed capability combined with high acceleration allows for short cycle times. FS-LO guide module has been added.

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RS Rotary ActuatorRS Rotary System Series Catalog
Catalog #: RS-3A-UST-1-0213 (1.9 MB)
Pages: 6

The RS series rotary actuator is compact, powerful and lightweight. Small size (RS-30) and Medium size (RS-30) are available for your particular application.

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