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RCS controllers are now obsolete. Refer to the new SCON-CA controllers.

RCS-C is the standard RCS controller. The RCS-E is a similar, less expensive alternative for certain actuators. The RCS series offers all of the advantages of the RCP, as well as a variety of network communication options.  The RCS series is well-suited to high-speed, low payload applications that require constant torque. 'Robo Cylinder' ® refers to an electromechanical system consisting of an electric actuator and a motion controller.  All Robo Cylinders offer distinct advantages over pneumatic cylinders, including the capability of custom control over the actuator's position, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and motor torque.

RCS-C Incremental-type Controller

The RCS-C Incremental controller is the standard Robo Cylinder RCS controller, for use with RCS type actuators.  The controller houses position or 'point' data manipulated via Teaching Pendant or PC Interface Software.

The RCS-C may be used with 24V DC (sold separately), 100V AC, or 200V AC power supplies.  The choice of power supply may vary according to actuator selection, due to the wide range of motor wattages. The RCS-C 100V/200V AC version is pictured at left.

Movement may be executed through parallel (digital) I/O by connecting the flat cable to a PLC, Super SEL Controller or any digital I/O device. Using the serial I/O port (RS485), the user may control up to 16 units from a separate master device (i.e., PC, PLC, Human Machine Interface Panel or Machine Vision System).

Additionally, the RCS-C controller offers Device Net, ProfiBus, and CC-Link network communication options.

Simple point-to-point positioning is the most basic capability of the RCP-C controller, but it also features incremental motion capability from any assigned position.

RCS-E Economy-type Controller

RCS-C Absolute-type Controller (not shown)
RCS-E Economy-type Controller

The RCS-E Economy type controller (pictured at right) is a low-cost alternative to the 24V DC RCS-C controller.  This version does not offer network communication capability.

All Robo Cylinder controllers can be operated by either a Teaching Pendant or our PC Interface Software.

CE versions also available.

The 24V DC RCS-C controller is also available in a CE certified version.  For actuators requiring the 100/200V AC controller, a CE certified E-CON controller is offered.

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